How to reset Hotmail password?

If you use Xbox, Hotmail, OneDrive, Office 365, Azure or other products and services from Microsoft, you definitely have a Mincorosft account. You can refer to it as an Xbox account, OneDrive account or Outlook account, but basically you only use the same account, Microsoft account.

If you can not log in to your Microsoft account by forgetting your password, you must reset your password online. See full instructions below.

  1. Open your web browser and make sure you are connected to the internet. Next, go to THIS page.
  2. Select a part I forgot my password.
  3. Next, fill in the email address you used for your account and verify the verification image below. Click Next.
  4. Select a method to receive the security code. E-mail method is the easiest.
  5. After that, you may be asked to fill in an alternate email address that you previously placed in your Microsoft account. If so, click Submit code.
  6. Verification code will be sent to your email address. Check and enter the code in the box provided.
  7. On the next page, create a new password and confirm it again.
  8. If successful, a message will appear that your account has been restored. You can now log in using the password you just created.

What if I do not receive the verification code from Microsoft?

In the initial stages, you can choose to receive a verification code from Microsoft, whether through the email address or phone number that you previously set up in your Microsoft account. If you did not receive the code, go back to step 1 above and then select I do not have any of these codes.

Next, you will be asked to write down an email address that can be contacted or used. Enter your email address other than the email address of your Microsoft account, then click Next.

A verification code will be sent to the email address. Check your email and find the code sent by Microsoft. Finally, enter the verification code provided and click Verifiy.